Supporting Minnesota students from low-income families to and through college since 2000.


College Possible Minnesota is coaching low-income students to and through college. Dedicated AmeriCorps members serve as guides, coaching students on their path to college graduation. We are proud to be serving more than 2,500 high school students attending 56 high schools across the state, and 5,500 college students on 249 campuses across the country.

College Possible was founded in Minnesota in 2000 to ensure that every child’s future is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort. Since our founding, 99% of College Possible students have earned admission to college, and they are four times more likely to graduate from college than their low-income peers. Visit our Results page to learn more about College Possible Minnesota.

Thank you for making brighter futures possible!

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College Possible Minnesota
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  • “If you’re passionate about something, chase after it.”

    Ka Ying is a College Possible student passionate about fashion design and service. As a freshman at the University of Minnesota, Ka Ying discovered that her love of sketching and making clothes could be her career. Now, in her senior year, she’s had the opportunity to share her designs with the world in fashion shows. […]

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  • Serving Behind the Scenes: The Community Partnerships Team

    When Gaochy Yang was a College Possible student, she took part in many events and activities outside of session. From service projects to celebrations, practice ACTs to campus visits, there were so many ways for College Possible students like her to come together to learn, serve and have fun each year. “As a student, you […]

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