Returner Scenario: CPT

Returners play an important role in our organization since new Service Corps members often look to them for advice and support as they navigate challenges that are new to them, but which returning members may have experienced in their first term of service. This scenario is designed to give us a sense of how you might respond in this position.

Scenario: Imagine that you are a returner and you receive the following email from a new Service Corps member shortly after the term of service begins:

Hey Returning CPT Member,

I’m so frustrated! Why don’t the coaches understand how much work I’ve put into this event? I don’t even know how to respond to this email a coach just sent me. Did anything like this ever happen to you last year? Any advice?

New CPT Member

—-Start forwarded message—–


Just wanted to give you a heads up that most of my kids aren’t planning on going to Service Day – they say it’s too long of a day and some of them have to work. Sorry!

– Coach

Task: Draft a response to the email above (in a Word document, preferably). Please limit your response to one page and submit along with your other application materials.