The Life of College Possible

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Meet Kylie

Profoundly deaf since birth, Kylie has become a strong advocate for herself and wants to be an influence for other people who are deaf in the future.

“I received a cochlear implant at age three, which helped greatly in developing my speech and my ability to hear the world around me,” said Kylie, who has navigated her way through public schools in the hearing world since pre-school. But as the prospect of attending college approached, she reached out to College Possible for help.

“I knew I needed help preparing for college admission. An upperclassman who is also deaf at my school told me the coaching help they received from College Possible led to their acceptance to college. I applied for the program and started attending sessions this fall.”

As a junior, Kylie’s College Possible sessions have focused on ACT test prep and essay writing. “I’ve seen quite an improvement in my English skills this year.” Her goal is to become a teacher in the deaf world. “My first two years of elementary school were not the best,” said Kylie. “I want to be able to teach deaf students grades K-12 and make them aware of and understand how much the culture of the deaf world has influenced the hearing world.”

Admission to Gallaudet University is the next step beyond high school, with a life of teaching and advocating for the deaf to follow, thanks to the help of College Possible.

Meet Eloy

For Eloy, taking part in the College Possible program was a no-brainer.“I was in no position to not take advantage of this opportunity,” he said. Although Eloy is ranked 8th academically in the Omaha South Magnet High School class of 2018, the financial burden of college is not something his family can afford. The coaching and support of College Possible is helping him prepare for a future beyond high school.

“My parents have been so attentive to what I’ve needed in my life. I want to make sure I have a career that will allow me to give back to them,” Eloy said.

“My College Possible coach has made the process of applying for admission and all of the financial support I might be eligible for much easier.  It is a lot of work now, but there will be a better result for my efforts soon.”

“College Possible pushes me to work to my limits and to the true potential of what I can be. I wouldn’t have accomplished a lot of the things I’ve done without College Possible.”While his goal to further his education and achieve a successful career is in part to thank his parents for their sacrifices, he also has a message to those who support College Possible.

“To anyone who has ever given to College Possible, saying thank you will never be enough for helping me achieve my dreams.”

Meet Karina

As Karina prepares to graduate from the University of Nebraska Omaha, the changes in her life over the past six years have been phenomenal.

“When I started, I doubted myself,” said Karina, who joined College Possible at Papillion La-Vista. “I knew what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure if I was capable. If not for College Possible, the support I received in high school, the coaches who believed in me throughout my school career, who pushed me to bigger things, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in social work for this first generation college student comes after receiving a full-ride Susan Buffett Foundation Scholarship at UNO. While not attending classes, Karina is completing a two-year internship as a mentor to sophomores at TLC, co-facilitating a seminar course her final semester, being a wife and mother to her year-and-a-half old child and sometimes providing childcare for her 10-year-old sister and 6-year-old brother.

“My siblings look up to me for all I’ve been able to do. They both want to attend college when they are old enough.” 

Karina said. “My brother says I’m his superhero for managing school, work and being a mom.”Karina plans next to obtain her Master’s degree in social work and either work with children in a school setting or help refugees and immigrants adapt and succeed in their new surroundings.