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Low-income students face so many barriers to college completion. From a lack of financial resources to little confidence in their academic abilities and few mentors guiding them through the complex world of college, many low-income students don’t even begin their college journey.

Only 12% of low-income students earn a four-year degree, compared to 58% of their upper-income peers.

With the help of donors, supporters and friends, College Possible reached more than 30,000 students last year, students like Javante.

When Javante was in high school, it was his College Possible coach who pushed, encouraged and motivated him to dream big and apply to colleges that would meet his strong academic abilities.

Javante was accepted to his top college and thrived.

With his College Possible college coach’s unwavering support, Javante’s confidence grew — he studied abroad, joined campus clubs, and served in leadership positions. But what did he want to do after graduation? He turned to Gabby, his college coach, for advice. Gabby’s encouragement ultimately led him to apply as a College Possible coach himself.

“As a College Possible alumnus and college coach, I’m able to go out and help students in college and give them insights about how my path went,” he said.

With the help donors like you and coaches like Javante, College Possible students are four times more likely to graduate compared to their low-income peers.

But there’s still a lot of work to do. And we can’t do it with out you.

Your gift will help more low-income students earn a college degree. Help us ensure that the future of America’s children is determined by their talent, motivation and effort, not their income.

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