Shaking It Up for Students FAQs

  • Will I be paired 1:1 with a student or alum?

    No, you will not be paired directly with anyone at the event. We would like to use this event to create authentic networking experiences for students, so we do not have a 1:1 ratio of guests to students. Instead, we want to create a welcoming environment where students can practice entering conversations and making connections on their own or with a little guidance from our staff. You can also help facilitate that by introducing them to other guests at the event.

  • How will I be able to identify students or alumni?

    College Possible students and alumni will have green ribbons on their nametags. You can also look for College Possible staff members to help you make connections.

  • What should I be prepared to talk about?

    No matter what educational or career background you have, your presence and support will be beneficial. You can be currently employed, out of the workforce or retired. We simply want supportive adults who are open to asking about students’ experiences and willing to share their own.

    Students and alumni are looking to practice their professional skills and interested in making connections to help expand their networks. Beginning with general questions is always a great place to start.

    • Where are you attending/did you attend college? What drew you to that school?
    • How did you determine your major?
    • What was your favorite college experience?
    • What drew you to the event tonight? Have you done something like this before?


    Finding out more about their current career or career aspirations is another idea.

    • Do you have any ideas about what you would like your next step to be?
    • What do you enjoy most about your current or intended career field?
    • Is there a specific area of professional development I can help you with?
  • Who else will be in attendance?

    You’ll have the chance to meet College Possible students and alumni as well as College Possible staff and board members. There will also be other community members and partners in the room for you to get to know.

  • What can I expect to happen between 5:30 - 7:30 pm?

    The event is meant to be casual and free-flowing. We’ll have food, drinks and networking from 5:30 – 6:15 pm. There will be a short program at 6:15 pm and then we’d love for people to continue to enjoy the venue, refreshments and conversations!

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