Why Do We Serve?

Over 200 AmeriCorps and VISTA members are serving with College Possible in 2015-16! These energetic individuals joined College Possible from many different backgrounds with a diverse set of experiences and skills. However, they all joined College Possible with the same mission: to help students get to and through college.

Below is a sampling of the reasons why these idealistic leaders decided to devote this year to helping students pursue their college dreams:

“Educational inequity is a huge problem that contributes to a large number of the issues in national spotlight today. I’m serving with College Possible because we play a huge role in helping people of all backgrounds achieve educational and economic success.” – Elizabeth, High School Coach

“My decision to join College Possible was primarily influenced by a current student in College Possible. Last year, I served Omaha’s refugee population with Lutheran Family Service, and I worked closely with one family with a student in College Possible. After hearing about how the program opened up so many opportunities for him, I decided that College Possible needed to be the next step for my future!” – Sarah, Tech-Connected College Coach

“I was drawn to College Possible because of their passion for results and statistics. The program simply works and I wanted to be a part of a solution of education inequality.” Sinjhen, High School Coach

“I serve with College Possible because every day I get the chance to interact with delightful, energetic students and be a part of their college journeys. Seeing the reward of their efforts, despite the numerous obstacles they face, is what motivates me to be a great coach.” – Paul, High School Coach

“As a senior in college, a group of AmeriCorps members presented about the opportunity to serve with College Possible. As they spoke, I thought about my high school English teacher who devoted extra hours outside of the regular school day to help me research scholarships and draft college essays. Then I thought about all of the students who were like me, but didn’t have a teacher who went above and beyond to help them succeed. I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of that; I want to help make a difference in the lives of others.” – Rose, Development VISTA

“In September 2014, I met 40 phenomenal junior students, and they stole my heart. For a year, I met with them after school, getting to know about their lives and exploring their goals. I am serving with College Possible again this year to support each of them and help them accomplish everything they dreamed for their future. Together, they are strong, resilient, and unstoppable.” – Amanda, High School Coach


Learn more about how you could serve with College Possible, too!

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