What’s The Real Cost of College?

College Possible students offer proof that the only thing more expensive then college is skipping college.


Due to the soaring sticker price of college tuition, too many Americans perceive college to be out of reach and only for the wealthy. However, the scholarships and aid available to apply for college along with the higher wages a college degree brings, make higher education the cheaper choice for promising, low-income students. 

College Possible coaching helps students overcome financial barriers to college graduation. In high school, College Possible’s coaching sessions teach students that colleges with high sticker prices aren’t only for wealthy students and support students through the complicated process of applying for financial aid and scholarships. This proven approach pays off: College Possible high school seniors earned over $9 million in private scholarships last year.

In college, coaches focus on financial literacy, ensuring that students retain their financial aid and budget for costs associated with their education. This focus on surmounting financial barriers to college graduation helps our students graduate from college at much higher rates than their low-income peers, leaving them poised.

The power of a college degree can be transformative, as college graduates stand to earn $1 million more over their working lives than their peers without diplomas. 


“Every American benefits when every other American has access to as much schooling as he or she wants. When accessibility to higher education declines, we all end up paying for it.” – Adam Davidson, “Is College Tuition Really Too High?” New York Times Magazine.

  • Meet Destiny

    “My College Possible coaches haven’t just helped me increase my ACT score and apply to colleges; they’ve made me feel confident in myself.”

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  • Meet Jessica

    “Making it through college, a step that people think is impossible for students with backgrounds like mine, is the most amazing thing.”

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