They picked me!

College Possible Portland student Dallas took a leap and applied to a college halfway across the country: Saint John’s University, located in central Minnesota. He first learned about the school through his College Possible coach Zoe, and although hesitant at first, he fell in love with the campus after visiting during a fly-in weekend, a time when colleges welcome out-of-state prospective students to their campus.

“College Possible was the most important part of even applying to this school. At first, I didn’t even want to apply to Saint John’s,” he says. “Going into the fly-in weekend, I was sure that I wouldn’t end up liking the school. But, after the fly-in, I felt as if it were a completely different school that I applied to. Saint John’s was a laid-back, liberal arts college that was isolated from the rest of the world in a good way. I loved it so much.”

Dallas was accepted to Saint John’s, but after receiving his financial aid package, he faced a financial gap.

“I had a financial gap of over $8,000 along with the max amount of federal loans,” Dallas says. “I was really excited about attending this school, but unsure of how I would pay for it. So I was ecstatic when I read the email that I had won the Annexstad Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship.

The Annexstad Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship aims to develop future leaders from young people who have come from humble and challenging beginnings. They work with a small group of colleges to help their scholars earn a degree as free from debt as possible.

Through this scholarship, Dallas will be able to attend his dream school.

“They only pick one student from Saint John’s every year, and they picked me!”


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