Summer Bridge and Chill

One of the biggest issues we face with our students is the transition from the summer to when school starts back up in the fall. They’ve had a couple of months of vacation and it is undoubtedly an adjustment getting academically focused again. We see it with our high school students, but as seniors are getting ready to start college in the fall, this is a huge concern for us at College Possible. Known as “Summer Melt,” that loss of focus is something we try to tackle by having “Summer Bridge” sessions, where we provide resources for that first year in college and remind students of all that needs to get taken care of from the day they graduate up until they step foot on campus.

Senior Coach, Ben, has worries about students as “Summer Melt is definitely a big concern – summer is long, and students don’t always have logistics and enrollment tasks on their minds. This can have a swath of effects, from having to pay extra after not opting out of health insurance to not getting into required classes because of late registration. While all of these things, individually, are manageable, all of them together can discourage a student from attending college.”

These are the exact reasons why—with the addition of Enrollment Coaches—Summer Bridge is crucial in making sure our students matriculate into college.

It isn’t just the Senior Coaches, however, that have voiced concerns about the effects of Summer Melt. College Coaches begin their conversations and relationship building with students right as the year starts, and many had to have conversations with students early on about missing paperwork and deadlines with registering for classes. “I definitely noticed Summer Melt in many of my students. Many of them noticed it for themselves, too,” says College Coach, Avere. And although this was apparent for both coaches and students alike, coaches, like Avere, made sure to encourage them to reflect on this experience so they avoid it coming up in following years.

Summer Bridge is one of the many ways we work towards making sure our students matriculate into college and avoid Summer Melt, but ultimately, the drive and passion of our students to go and graduate from college leaves this to be an easy job. They work so hard to pursue their dreams and they never cease to amaze us in always being exceptional.

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