Student Dreams to Make Life’s Work Revolve Around Service

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Stephanie just graduated from Upper Darby High School and plans to study nursing in college. She received scholarship offers from every school she was accepted to and will be attending Drexel University in the fall.

Where her academics are exceptional—to say the least—her compassion and yearning to serve her community stand unparalleled. Stephanie volunteered in Upper Darby’s Senior Center, which is essentially the main office for the senior class. One day she struck up a conversation about college with another senior who was volunteering. Stephanie asked about her future plans and she told Stephanie she wants to be an ultrasound technician. After researching together about schools, Stephanie knew to ask about financial aid, as this is such a huge facet of the College Possible program.

The student didn’t know anything about the financial aid application (FAFSA) and was unsure of how to approach it as a green card holder. Stephanie quickly asked her College Possible coach, Susie, about how to move forward. Stephanie was able to use knowledge and leadership skills gained from her time with College Possible to help a student whose aspirations could’ve easily been shut down by not having all the resources and information she would need to go to college.

Stephanie is determined to have her life’s work revolve around making change in the world and serving the community.

“My ultimate goal, after becoming a nurse, is joining the Peace Corps and travel around helping people,” she said.

As an organization, these are the stories that motivate College Possible’s mission: make college admission and success possible for all students, regardless of income. Make a gift to help more low-income students reach their goal of a college education and pursue their dreams. 

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