Scholarship changes college affordability

Caitlyn radiates determination. A senior at Millard South, Caitlyn maintains a 3.8 GPA, securing her place on the honor roll, while being actively involved in forensics and volunteer opportunities. She constantly strives to succeed through self-motivation by overcoming her past circumstances.


As a child, Caitlyn jumped from home to home until Child Protective Services intervened. With no parents or family to take care of them, Caitlyn stepped up for her brothers as they entered the foster system. “We were moved to 8 or 9 homes and didn’t have a stable social worker,” said Caitlyn. “We felt abandoned more than once.” After a year, Caitlyn was placed into legal guardianship with her current family. With the loving support of her current family, Caitlyn realized she wanted a future different from her past.


Caitlyn was recently awarded the Horatio Alger National Scholarship. This scholarship helps support deserving young people overcome their adversity and pursue their dreams through higher education. Sarah (Westside), Abby and Madison (Papillion–La Vista South) Alyssa and Sydney (Millard South) and Eh Moo (Benson) all received the Horatio Alger State Scholarship.


“From the moment we met, her confidence and passion convinced me she would do anything to achieve her dream of attending college,” said Caitlyn’s coach Madi Davis. I know Caitlyn will have so many opportunities to spread her own wings and find new horizons in college.”


Caitlyn will be attending her top college Nebraska Wesleyan University! She wants to pursue a degree in criminal justice. “I am proud of getting into my top college, Nebraska Wesleyan. The scholarships I have received will help so that my college cost won’t be as high.  This is exactly what I have wanted since I was a kid.”

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