Reaching for the stars

A dedicated teacher first sparked Edem’s interest in science. He joined the 3M Science Training Encouragement Program (STEP) in high school and knew he wanted a career in technology. In college he transitioned to a Technical Aide position at 3M. Edem’s supervisors helped him develop critical job skills.

“The people here are incredibly intelligent and I get to learn from them every day,” Edem says. “It’s challenging to meet my goals but exciting to design solutions for the next big problem.”

Edem will graduate from the University of Minnesota this spring with degrees in computer science and information technology. His goal is to combine these skills with his love of astrophysics to develop robots and satellites for interstellar exploration.

“I appreciate my College Possible coaches now more than ever,” Edem says. “I didn’t realize the impact they were having until now.” His advice for others? “Dream big and make a plan. College Possible was that plan for me, and it was a great plan.”

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