Paving the way to Portland State

We’ve reached the halfway mark in our Give!Guide campaign, and we are thrilled to report that College Possible Portland has already raised a total of $17,175 for Oregon’s students! Thank you to everyone who has shown support—we’re so excited about the opportunity these donations create.

Opportunity for students like Vanessa, a sophomore at Portland State University (PSU) this fall.

Vanessa applied to College Possible as a sophomore at David Douglas High School. As the first member of her immediate family to attend college, she knew she would benefit from the guidance and resources the program offered.

“I was very concerned because other people told me how difficult it was to get into school, and I was scared I wasn’t going to make it,” Vanessa said. “But here I am at Portland State!”

Although she is only in her second year at PSU, Vanessa is already paving the way for her graduate degree in dentistry. In addition to holding a Learning Assistant position for PSU’s general chemistry course, Vanessa also serves as the secretary of PSU’s Pre-Dental Student Organization (PSO) where she helps to inform other students about this career path and builds her campus community.

“If I had found it earlier, I think it would have been helpful to me, so I want to get the word out there for people. They have a support group and it’s great networking.”

Beyond her involvement at PSU, Vanessa also attends American Student Dental Association (ASDA) meetings at her grad school of choice, Oregon Heath Science University (OHSU), and is currently applying for an ASDA National Pre-Dental Chair position that would connect her with other pre-dental and graduate students.

Although Vanessa has her long-term goals solidified, she is comforted by the fact that her tech-connected College Possible Coach, Yvette, is always close at hand if she has questions about her education along the way: “Yvette is a great resource. Every time I have something important I’ll message her. It’s nice to go to someone when you need help, and I’m going to be in school for a while.”

While Vanessa once worried if she would make it to college, being enrolled at PSU makes her feel like she has finally found her place: “I joined all these different things in high school to find my place and to find where I belong, but I feel like I belong here.”

Vanessa is grateful for the role College Possible programming continues to play in her academic journey: “It’s life-changing, it really is.”

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