Juniors see growth in more than just SAT scores

Junior year with College Possible focuses heavily on SAT prep, and as the ‘real deal’ SAT is right around the corner for our students, we have not only seen significant improvements in practice test scores, but also in our students’ class grades. Two juniors at Mastbaum High School recently voiced how College Possible has helped them outside of the SAT.

Angel, a junior at Mastbaum High School, has seen huge improvements in his grades and says a lot of the growth comes as a result of his time with College Possible. “SAT prep has been really helpful. I wasn’t in a good position in my math class, but once we started going through math in session—and since my coach, Emily, really goes through everything in depth—I saw much more success in class.” Not only has his time with College Possible helped him out in his math classes, but Angel said he’s also seen a significant progress in reading comprehension and his vocabulary has greatly expanded. The improvements have been so substantial that Angel even mentioned his teachers jokingly asking him who has been doing his reports for him.

Other students have also seen improvements in classes as a result of College Possible’s curriculum. Alex, another junior at Mastbaum, is in the school’s nursing program and this is just one of the many classes with solid growth. “There’s a lot of reading in my nursing class and the SAT prep has definitely helped me there.” Of course, the focus is improving our students’ SAT scores, and both Angel and Alex expressed not only a boost in their scores, but in their confidence taking the test. While the core of College Possible is providing college access and success, hearing from students about the impact we have in a wide range of their classes is undoubtedly a nice bonus.




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