Johana’s College Champions

We all need a champion who believes in our potential. Who has been a champion for you? For Johana, it’s her College Possible coaches.

Johana started her college journey at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, working on her general education requirements and exploring different possible majors. It was there she discovered her passion for global studies. Her college dreams began to grow and she decided she wanted to pursue a four-year degree.

With help from her college coaches, Thando and Maeve, Johana conquered the complicated process of transferring schools so that she could continue her college journey by attending the University of Minnesota and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in global studies.

This December, you have the chance to double your impact and provide the coaching and support students need as they pursue all of their educational goals, no matter where that takes them. The Morning Foundation has created the Champion a Graduate Challenge, a $20,000 match for new and increased gifts. Make a gift today and help Johana complete her college journey.

As Johana reflects on college graduation, she doesn’t know if she will cry or jump for joy at her ceremony. But she knows that she is grateful for the support she received along the way.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for the help of College Possible, or my coaches, I don’t think I would have made it this far. I probably would have given up a long time ago,” says Johana.

Please consider giving today so you can help us secure these critical matching funds. All new or increased gifts will be matched through December 31st. Your gift ensures that students like Johana know they have a champion in their corner.

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