Introducing our Enrollment Coaches!

With the school year over, our coaches have finished their year and they’re either moving on to their next endeavor or taking a little vacation before coming back to serve with College Possible. That being said, College Possible never stops serving our students. With the transition to a new school year on its way, some new Corps members have joined our team as Enrollment Coaches. Seniors have graduated and are on their way to college, but often a phenomena called “Summer Melt” begins to surface—our Enrollment Coaches are here to tackle it. As talked about in our other story, Summer Melt is when students don’t matriculate into college after the summer for whatever reason. Whether it be failing to pay a deposit or register for classes, it can be easy for students to lose focus, and so our Enrollment Coaches are here to make sure there that doesn’t happen. Coming from Michigan and New Jersey, respectively, are Tayler and Danielle.

Tayler studied English at Michigan State University and is originally from Perry, Michigan. Tayler came to College Possible without ever even thinking about higher education as a career path, but in serving our students has found a whole new appreciation for it. “It’s been interesting to see that there’s actually a lot more involvement with high school and higher education than I thought. In the future I think I would like to look more into that career path. College Possible does a great job of showing people that it’s something people can do.” And although she’s seen changes in regards to her own professional goals, the moments shared with students has been the most inspiring. While in college, Tayler studied abroad in Australia and through one of our Summer Bridge sessions got to meet and speak with a student who plans to do the same. This was a very significant moment for Tayler as she was able to see a bit of herself in one of our students.

Danielle, from New Jersey and who studied Communications and Human Resource Management at Rutgers University, also has memorable moments from Summer Bridge. “Summer Bridge was the best so far. It was exciting to see them get super engaged and interested, even when the topics were things like Academic Probation.” As these were the first sessions the Enrollment Coaches got to be involved in, it was the first time they got to really sit down and get to know our students. That being said, it was also the first time they got to really work alongside their fellow Corps members. Both Danielle and Tayler vocalized how great it’s been to meet a group of people so focused on service while still being welcoming to new people to serve with. When asked about any significant memories with her Corps, Danielle said she felt welcomed immediately. “It’s so hard to move to a new place and not really know anyone, but everyone as just so welcoming and instantly wanted to be friends and do stuff outside of the office, which was really great.”

From the day one, College Possible Philadelphia instantly became a family and anytime someone new came in, it wasn’t just another person to work with, but rather a new family member. Everyone is so thankful to have Tayler and Danielle here and we can’t wait to make new memories with them.

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