“I’m Grateful For…”

A core pillar of College Possible’s culture is to seek out opportunities to express gratitude. In the month of November, we asked College Possible Omaha high school students to reflect on what they’re grateful for this year. Here’s what they said:

“I am grateful for the little things that I have and the things I don’t, so I can learn how to achieve them.” – Malia Alfredson, Junior, Omaha South High Magnet School

I’m thankful every day for College Possible! I am ahead of the game and I know the step I need to take to go to college.” –Jenna Irwin, Senior, Westside High School

“I am grateful for my mom always pointing me in the right direction.” – Jesus Sinecio, Junior, Westside High School

“I am thankful for having such a dedicated coach who goes out of her way to support the students.” – Sher Lah, Junior, Omaha Benson High School Magnet

I am truly grateful for the resources I have been blessed with to help me to be a better student, get an excellent education, and go and achieve my dream to be a surgeon.” – Rhea Flowers, Senior, Omaha North High Magnet School

“I am thankful for College Possible because they are helping me achieve my future goals in life. They are there to lead us to a successful future. For that, I’d like to say, ‘Thank you,’ to College Possible and our coach.” – Poae Meh, Junior, Omaha Benson High School Magnet

I am thankful for my education. This is a great opportunity for me to reach my full potential at no cost. I couldn’t be more grateful for College Possible!” – Julia Romero, Junior, Westside High School

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