Expanding College Access to Portland Public Schools

College Possible Portland has expanded to our sixth high school, and the first in Portland Public Schools: Madison. recruitment started last spring, and students started session in September.

“I joined College Possible because I wanted to make it a possibility for me to go to college; I just want the best for me and my future” Laura, Madison junior, explained. “I want to know how to apply, because I don’t even know how to start.”

Octavia, a fellow Madison junior, echoed Laura’s desires: “I don’t know how I’m going to go to college, but I don’t want to let myself give up. I joined College Possible because, at the end of everything, I want to be someone that I love and to have a career that I liked to do.”

Zoe, their College Possible coach, and the Madison staff are working together with students to make these desires a reality. “Even though I’ve only been at Madison for a few weeks, I truly feel like I’m part of this dedicated and compassionate team.”

And the College Possible students are thrilled to have Zoe working with them on their team.

“Session with Zoe is a really good environment to be in–she makes it fun. It’s a safe environment” Laura explains.

This environment is adding momentum toward college access for these studests. Prior to College Possible, college was not always in their plan, but now attending college is appearing much more realistic.

“And that’s what I’m trying to do–I’m trying my best to go to college. I hope I can. I believe in me” said Octavia.

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