College Possible Student Summers at Princeton, NYU and Madagascar

College Possible students aren’t stopping their higher education journey when the school year ends.

Marshae, a junior at Parkway Center City High, will be attending a free seven-week program on campus at Princeton. The program, LEDA’s Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute, is very selective, choosing only 100 promising students from underrepresented communities across the country.

Marshae was introduced to the program by her College Possible coach, Molly. “LEDA will help colleges see my potential,” Marshae said.

Marshae is excited to meet other talented students from across the country. She hopes to improve her writing skills and test scores while getting a taste college life. “I don’t know what’s to come, it’s all a surprise,” she said.

Shawina, a junior at George Washington High School, will further her education in two ways this summer. First, she will spend a week at NYU’s free College Access Leadership Institute (CALI). A week after, she will attend Camp Neuro at Thomas Jefferson University’s Medical College.

At NYU CALI, she hopes to improve her essay writing skills. “I hope I can get some tips to write at the college level,” she said.

At Camp Neuro, she’ll get hands-on experience in neurology from doctors at Thomas Jefferson. “They said there’d be pig brain dissections,” Shawina said, “and right after that is lunch.”

Brian, a sophomore at Brown University and one of Philadelphia College Coach Zach’s students, is spending his summer studying traditional medicine in Madagascar and the healthcare system as a whole. “Because society consistently changes, so do traditions and cultures,” Brian said.

During the seven-week program, Brian will live with host families in both rural and urban communities. He will study the healthcare system in a variety of ways, while also learning more about the history, politics and culture of Madagascar.

This is the second time Brian has traveled abroad during his college career. “I never would have imagined being able to travel around the globe,” Brian said, “I always thought traveling was something for wealthy individuals.”

Brian is excited to learn about a new culture, and he’s looking forward to challenging himself during his time in Madagascar. “There’s so much to learn, and most of it exists outside of the comfort zone,” he said.

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