College Possible Philadelphia takes the Baseline SAT

On October 8th, College Possible Philadelphia held our baseline SAT at Upper Darby High School, where coaches could begin to gauge their students’ specific strengths and weaknesses, while also providing test-taking practice. From the time at which it begins to how breaks between the test’s sections are handled, the entire day is modeled around the real-deal SAT. We believe it is incredibly important to make sure our students aren’t met with any surprises come test time.

As the students arrived, we met them with warm smiles, joyous greetings, and snacks. They thanked us and gathered into their respective classrooms, where they were to begin taking their first practice SAT. When the students finished up their exam and began exiting Upper Darby, we wished them a happy rest of their weekend and asked how it went. Students vented about sections where they struggled a little more or test-taking strategies they were going to make sure to improve on.

All of us staff relished in how much these students were determined to better the scores they haven’t even gotten back yet. And yes, when the students were reminded they would be taking three more practice SATs they shrieked a little. We explained how the practice will help and backed it with results. Their faces were priceless—they were genuinely impressed and all the more excited for what’s to come in our program. With this just being one of many practice SATs they will take, it was truly energizing to see our students’ commitment to bettering their scores.

The staff and students would also like to thank Fresh Grocer, Acme, and BJ’s for donating gifts cards for us to stock up on granola bars and water for the students. Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, and Le Pain Quotidien also donated coffee and pastries to make sure our coaches were well fed while proctoring the exam.


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