College Possible Philadelphia at AmeriCorps Launch!

One of the most exciting parts about serving with AmeriCorps is meeting people from all over the country dedicated to serving others. On October 21st, College Possible Philadelphia gathered together with other AmeriCorps organizations in Philadelphia for AmeriCorps Launch. We spent the day sharing our experiences so far with AmeriCorps and capped it off with performing service work in different area schools and parks.

The day began in the center of city hall with the DJ playing songs to liven the crowd, and as the “Cha Cha Slide” came on, members from all of the organizations joined together in dance at the center of city hall. Members of College Possible, PowerCorps, City Year, and other organizations were eventually split up into smaller groups for a round of icebreakers. Within the hundreds of Corps members gathered in City Hall, one of our college coaches, Megan, even got to meet one of her students, who is currently serving with City Year!


In these small groups, Corps members ventured around the city in a scavenger hunt and many members got into conversations about what brought them to Philadelphia and how they hope they can impact the community. As everyone was sharing their thoughts and stories, a common thread was a constant yearning to give back to the community. Members spoke of their past time with other volunteer organizations or being an active presence in varying groups for social change.

AmeriCorps Launch closed with Corps members traveling to varying schools and parks in the city for service activities, from helping reorganize classrooms to planting trees at local parks. As we all put our hands to work, we talked of the many barriers in the face of hope that people deal with every day. It was clear just how important an effective time of service with AmeriCorps and after is to all of us.






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