College Possible Minnesota Student Featured in the New York Times

Autumn, a student in College Possible’s Tech-Connected High School Program, was recently featured in a New York Times story, Voices From Rural America on Why (or Why Not) to Go to College.

The story was accompanied by an article examining the under-representation of rural students on college campuses and organizations like College Possible that are working to serve them: Colleges Discover the Rural Student.

“This article highlights the need for more programs that support rural students, which is one of the goals of our Tech-Connected High School Program,” says Program Manager of Pilot Programs Shannon Oldenburg. “A student’s proximity to colleges and their access to college-readiness resources can be barriers. We want to help greater Minnesota students overcome those barriers.”

College Possible Minnesota’s Tech-Connected Program is expanding opportunity by serving students who may not have college access programs in their local community. Students in the program receive support through all of the key aspects of preparing for college during their junior and senior year.

“Our campus-based program receives top-of-field results that we are trying to replicate for students, regardless of geographic location, size of their school or percentage of low-income students,” says Director of College Access Magdalena Wells. “One of the most powerful features of the Tech-Connected High School Program is the one-on-one coaching that is individualized to meet a student’s specific needs.”

This individually customized support is made possible through the use of adaptive technologies and self-paced teaching tools. Tech-Connected High School Coaches engage with students over text, phone calls, email and social media to deliver workshops, hold 1:1 check-ins and provide personal support.

Since January 2016, a total of 29 schools across Minnesota have signed on as partners and more than 300 students are currently being served. So far, 96 of the Tech-Connected program’s first class of 121 senior students have successfully applied to at least one college and 83 of those students have been admitted to college.

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