Camara Beats The Odds


“Being invited to go to the White House gave me a new sense of purpose in this world. I beat the odds, and was recognized by Michelle Obama for doing so. I will continue to beat any odds in my way.”


This summer, College Possible student Camara got the chance to take the trip of a lifetime–to the White House!

Along with two other College Possible students, Camara was one of 140 students to attend the Beating The Odds summit, hosted by the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative promoting college success. For Camara, meeting the President and First Lady in person at the White House was a surreal experience.

“I remember President Obama calling us ‘the future of America,’” says Camara. “I’ve heard that saying many times but when the President says it, it has a whole new meaning.”

From Hempstead, New York, Camara connected with College Possible through the CollegePoint virtual advising program.

College Possible is one of four college access and success organizations partnering with CollegePoint, an initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies to increase the number of high-achieving, low- and moderate-income students who apply to and graduate from top-performing colleges. This year, College Possible is projected to serve up to 3,000 students across the country through CollegePoint virtual advising.

Throughout her senior year of high school, Camara’s tech-connected CollegePoint coach, Kara, helped her find and apply to her best-fit colleges where she could pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Camara’s hard work throughout the college admissions process paid off: this fall, she is attending the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York, one of the most competitive undergraduate medical programs in the country with an acceptance rate of 7%.

Speakers at the summit provided students with tips and resources to better prepare them for when they step on campus this fall. Camara says advice from the First Lady at the summit will help her as she prepares to enter the medical field.

“The First Lady talked about staying the course, never giving up, and not letting the naysayers get to you. I will hold that bit of advice close to me when I encounter doubters and when the road of becoming a doctor gets hard.”



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