A senior’s journey through college applications

Dionne is a senior at Parkway Center City high school, who has been vigorously applying to colleges and universities all over the state of Pennsylvania. It’s November and she has already applied to five schools, one of which has already sent her a letter of acceptance! When I asked her why she chose to apply to IUP, Penn State, Point Park, Edinboro, and Albright, she quickly responded, “Because they have film [programs].” From directing to the cinematography, Dionne wants to learn and do everything she can to make movies, like her all-time favorite, Titanic.

Dionne is also really excited about getting the chance to live somewhere new. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she can’t wait to get out of the city and experience a new place with new people. Still, with this excitement comes some concern about things like finances and keeping up with grades. “If you apply for a whole bunch of scholarships, and then don’t get them, then like what now? And FAFSA doesn’t really give you enough,” Dionne said. This is one major reason College Possible does the work that it does. Our coaches work tirelessly to help find scholarships and other forms of financial aid to make sure our students don’t get completely bogged down by financing their education.

For Dionne, knowing College Possible will be there for her throughout her college experience has helped with any anxieties she may have. Now, in her second year of College Possible, Dionne says the program has helped her out a lot. “With my SAT scores, learning how to fill out the FAFSA, where to look for scholarships, and the [college application] essays, Coach Natalie has helped me out a lot,” Dionne said just before mentioning a 200 point SAT boost during her time with College Possible!

As decisions start to roll in from schools, Dionne is a kind student with so much promise who we know has a bright future ahead of her. In no time, all of us at College Possible Philadelphia will get to huddle into a theater and watch her Oscar-winning film on the big screen.


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