A New Year, a New Team

This year, the College Possible Philadelphia site has a new group of AmeriCorps members coming from all over the country to serve as high-school and college coaches, community partner, and external relations members. Kaitlan, a Junior coach at Parkway Center City High School, comes from Iowa City and recalled being surprised by how much better Philly’s food scene is compared to Iowa (I was surprised by how surprised she was, but I guess reality really is perspective). Sarah, a College Coach from North Carolina, was also surprised by the food scene, but in that she is “still dealing with the fact that people call hamburgers and hot dogs a barbeque.” It’s become clear how important the topic of food is for the College Possible Philadelphia team.

Coming from so many places, the new Corps members are still adjusting to the new culture, yet the bonds within the entire staff have grown so quickly it already feels like big family. “We have become incredibly close in a short amount of time,” says College Community Partner, Kelly Smemo. Within our medley of a team, there is one thing we all share and it’s our commitment to serving others. We have all bonded over conversations of what we feel needs to happen for the betterment of all of our communities and how important our work at College Possible can and will be.

  • Meet Destiny

    “My College Possible coaches haven’t just helped me increase my ACT score and apply to colleges; they’ve made me feel confident in myself.”

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  • Meet Jessica

    “Making it through college, a step that people think is impossible for students with backgrounds like mine, is the most amazing thing.”

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