A new way to connect with college students

College Coaches and their students celebrated the success of the fall term during our College Program Party this month. In total, the gathering brought together students from six local colleges and universities, as well as a handful of Portland students attending out-of-state colleges.

“Our overall purpose or goal of the party was to connect and engage students in an environment that wasn’t just about school,” College Coach Alexsis said. “We’re really trying to show students that we care and we’re here to offer support in whatever way that looks like.”

For David, a freshman at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), the College Program Party was especially important because it was an opportunity to meet with his coach, Alexsis, for the very first time. Although Alexsis visits MHCC monthly, the demands of college life often make it difficult for their schedules to align.

“It was awesome to be able to meet her in-person in a setting like the party. I think it will strengthen our relationship, because it’s easier to reach out when you know someone as a person and in real life,” he said.

Alexsis also believes there is an advantage to in-person interaction with her students: “We don’t always see our students face-to-face, so putting a name with a voice is really powerful. It breaks down that wall you have when you’re on the phone or using technology.”

Helping students connect to other College Possible college students was another goal of the party. Paola, also a freshman at Mt. Hood Community College appreciated this opportunity: “I really like when College Possible has events because it’s always a good time to meet new people who go to my school, and people I can connect with.”

The party’s positive outcome encouraged the College Program Team to continue planning events for their students—both celebratory, and informative.

While the team doesn’t have a specific number of events in mind, College Program Coordinator Margarita said the team hopes listen to student feedback: “Our goal is to follow what students need,” she said.

With student requests in mind, the College Program Team is eager to host their next event—a scholarship workshop—in early February.

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