Finding Her Direction

Growing up in the greater Philadelphia area, Sarah Libros knew that there was a significant problem in her community surrounding education equity, but it was not an area that she expected to focus on professionally.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in social and cultural studies from Goldsmiths, University of London, Sarah remained in London for a year to work. While preparing to move back to the United States, Sarah was focused on finding work that she would feel passionate about. She learned of the opportunity to serve with College Possible Philadelphia through one of the site’s program coordinators. College Possible aligned with her desire to give back to her community and explore an issue that was important to her. She joined the organization as a tech-connected college coach for the 2016-2017 academic year.

As a tech-connected college coach, Sarah helped college students navigate the higher education system and solve challenges on campus. Through this experience, she learned how to navigate relationships with students and provide solutions to complex situations. “Every student interaction looked different,” she explains. “Some students needed me to hold them accountable for meeting deadlines, while other students wanted me to be more understanding during tough situations.” In turn, Sarah evolved as a communicator, more easily adapting to different communication styles in the workplace.

Reflecting on her service with College Possible, Sarah explains that it helped sharpen her career focus. “One of the strengths of a year of service is that it gives you the chance to explore yourself,” she says. “I was unsure of what I wanted out of my career and the things that were important to me. College Possible gave me a new direction when I didn’t really have one.”

The skills and experiences Sarah gained while serving with College Possible Philadelphia have helped her excel in her current role as an Advanced Program Assistant at the Jefferson Center for InterProfessional Practice & Education where she assists in the development and implementation of curricular and extracurricular programming across all schools at Thomas Jefferson University. She is appreciative of her experience as a service member and credits her time with the organization for the success in her current role.

Interested in pursuing a year of service like Sarah? Apply now to serve with College Possible Philadelphia.

By Ian Reitz

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