Community Leaders

About Community Leaders

College Possible is seeking current college students to serve as Community Leaders on their college campuses. Community Leaders are responsible for fostering a greater sense of College Possible community at their institutions by collaborating with their college coach on events and workshops, planning social outings and activities for fellow College Possible students, providing support and consistency to peers during the transition of coaches, and presenting thoughtful feedback to the Community Leaders Coordinator.

As Community Leaders, students will have the opportunity to connect with the larger College Possible network of staff and peers and develop leadership and interpersonal skills to advance their professional careers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Support college coach in planning fall and spring College Possible student gatherings
  • Serve as college student representative at LAUNCH! senior breakout sessions and attend “Shaking It Up for Students” networking event
  • Manage social media platforms and/or newsletters to ensure all students in College Possible know about upcoming events and feel welcome and excited to attend
  • Plan and implement 3-4 College Possible activities throughout the academic year (examples: movie night, mid-term study session, potluck)
  • Provide formal and informal feedback to Community Leaders Coordinator

Desired Qualities

  • Exemplary responsiveness to college coach and participation in College Possible program
  • Open-minded leader, accepting of peers of all backgrounds and identities
  • Motivated self-starter, passionate about the success and engagement of College Possible students
  • Access to and proficiency with major social media platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter)


  • Networking opportunities: Meet professionals in different fields and staff from College Possible as well as fellow and prospective students.
  • Development of your leadership skills: Hone skills for how to plan outcomes-based events, develop an understanding of how to motivate others, and practice your public speaking.
  • The opportunity to shape this program and support other CP students: Community Leaders is a new College Possible initiative and your feedback will make this program engaging and effective for future students transitioning to college.
  • A great addition to your resume: Not only can you add this position to your resume, you can also utilize the contacts you make as future references for jobs or grad school.


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Questions? Contact Kaity Sharp, College Program Coordinator, at