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1,800 students served by 2016

Now recruiting in three high schools, College Possible Philadelphia will grow to serve 1,400 students in just three years. Currently, 12 percent of Philadelphia public high school students graduate from college within six years while nearly 60 percent of local jobs will require a post-secondary degree by the year 2018. Learn more about how our program model will reduce these disparities:

The Magic Is In The Model

Hands-on guidance. We know that when students receive financial aid information and coaching, entrance exam tutoring and guidance in visiting campuses, we level the playing field.

Sustained relationships. Low-income students drop out of college at rates five times higher than their middle and upper income peers. Graduating more promising low-income students requires continued mentorship designed to help students brave the unfamiliar and challenging territory of college.

Top-of-field results. College Possible students are twice as likely to enroll in a four-year college and two times more likely to graduate than their low-income peers, making them four times more likely to earn a four-year degree.

National service. We are powered by passionate Service Corps members, serving in return for a modest living stipend and allowing us to keep costs low. These idealistic young leaders complement the guidance students receive through school systems. Our Service Corps members leave the program with real-world skills, a strong network and the knowledge they’ve changed the world.

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