Minnesota Results



20,000 students served

College Possible Minnesota has served over 20,000 students since 2000.

99% earned admission to college

Of the 963 graduating Minnesota seniors, 99 percent earned admission to college.

26% average ACT score improvement

The average ACT score of our juniors moved from 15 to 19 – more than a 26 percent increase! By comparison, studies show that for-profit test companies yield a 3 percent average score increase.

College Possible also served 4,000 college students as they worked to complete their degree.

College Possible students are graduating from college at the same rate as peers from all income levels in Minnesota. Overall College Possible students are four times more likely to earn a college degree than their low-income peers.

College Possible Minnesota also served 4,500 freshmen and sophomores through its college prep talks.

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