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  • There are tax advantages to donating from your IRA

    This article will be of particular interest if you’re 70½ or older. Giving through a traditional IRA is an exciting and advantageous opportunity for donors. Worried it’s too complex for you? Don’t be. Here’s the big picture: Traditional IRA owners are required to start taking distributions at age 70 ½ to avoid penalty. Required distributions are taxable since money put into the IRA isn’t taxed on the front end. BUT, a required distribution can be directed to a charity (up…
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  • College Possible Omaha celebrates College Colors Day

    What are your college colors? For many in Omaha, they include red, black or gold. On Friday, Aug. 30, College Possible Omaha staff and ServeNebraska AmeriCorps members wore their school colors to celebrate national College Colors Day, an annual day that recognizes colleges and universities. This day occurs each year the Friday before Memorial Day. The group hosted a picnic at Elmwood Park in Omaha and wore colors to coincide with the four-year college and universities they attended. Schools represented included University…
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  • Student Alumni Service: Tenzin and AmeriCorps

    With a new school and AmeriCorps service year underway, we want to highlight the importance of service and community. Through a series of three stories, we are recognizing College Possible Minnesota student alumni who have dedicated their time to service, through a variety of forms. Having participated in both College Possible high school and college success programming, these former students are now active participants in their communities. Tenzin Nordon choose to give back to her community through two terms of…
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