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We envision a day when the future of America's children is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort.

  • Streamlined Giving: Donor Advised Funds

    A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is an avenue for donors to connect with nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations like College Possible. DAFs provide a flexible way for donors to pass money through to a charity, which absorbs management of the funds. For donors utilizing a DAF, there are many benefits, including: DAFs can only distribute to 501(c)(3) organizations DAFs can have multiple donors and advisers DAFs allow for the contribution of illiquid (noncash) assets such as collectibles and real estate DAFs are…
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  • What’s it like to spend the summer at Princeton? One David Douglas student finds out

    Part of College Possible’s high school curriculum during junior year is to encourage students to make the most of the summer before senior year. For some students this means finding a job, internship or volunteer opportunity. For others it means applying to academic enrichment opportunities. One of the more prestigious academic options is to apply as a scholar with the Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) program. LEDA is a highly selective program for high-achieving students from under-resourced backgrounds…
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  • Donate to big dreams on Give to the Max Day!

    College Possible students are dreaming big. They are ready to build businesses, run for political office, earn PhDs and more! Join us to celebrate College Possible students' big dreams by making a gift on Minnesota’s largest day of giving, Give to the Max Day. Now through November 14, all gifts made to College Possible Minnesota are matched, dollar for dollar, by a $20,000 matching gift from three College Possible donors, including Chris and Jack Morrison of the Oak Grove Foundation! Your…
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