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We envision a day when the future of America's children is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort.

  • Building a Stronger Team in Philadelphia

    College Possible Philadelphia is pleased to welcome Rosie Doolan and Mohamed Hassan to our leadership team as Operations Specialist and High School Program Coordinator, respectively. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Senior Program Coordinator Jose Rodriguez will be leading the college program. Read more about Rosie, Mohamad, and Jose here. Congratulations! Jose Rodriguez, College Senior Program Coordinator, College Program B.A., Simpson College As Jose Rodriguez moves forward in his professional career, he continues to contemplate how he can…
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  • Working Together for Student Success

    Minnesota State University, Mankato is a school that strives to inspire students to make an impact. The vision of the 150-year-old university is to be known as a place “where people expect to go further than they thought possible by combining knowledge and the passion to achieve great things.” Serving more than 15,000 students each year,  Minnesota State Mankato is committed to providing a supportive learning community to help all students succeed in this vision, especially those from underrepresented populations.…
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  • Sustaining Progress

    A Q&A with Northland College Tucked away on the south shore of Lake Superior in Ashland, Wisconsin, Northland College is a private, liberal arts college with a focus on social justice and sustainability. For more than 126 years, it has dedicated itself to helping “make a barren and prejudiced world a better place both physically and socially.” A College Possible National Bridge partner, the college prides itself on providing extensive financial aid to 99 percent of its students and boasts…
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