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  • The Unseen Reason Students from Low-Income Backgrounds Drop Out

    There are a multitude of obstacles affecting college achievement of students from working-class backgrounds. A new article from POLITICO, “The Unseen Reason Why Working-Class Students Drop Out”, tackles the less recognizable. Even though most colleges are doing all they can to help these students succeed, graduation gaps still persist. A hidden reason for these gaps can be tied to cultural differences between institutions and working-class students. Social psychologists Nicole Stephens and Sarah Townsend have spent years studying why working-class students are still…
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  • Striving for Inclusive Excellence at The College of St. Scholastica

    One of The College of St. Scholastica’s biggest opportunities in the next five years is shaping its institution to meet the needs of the changing demographics of college students. The school is seeing an increasing number of students from low-income backgrounds, first-generation college students and students of color. With the help of strategic partnerships with organizations like College Possible, St. Scholastica is working to address the specific challenges and needs of these groups. "We must ensure that as our student…
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