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We envision a day when the future of America's children is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort.

  • A Focus on Students

    When AmeriCorps members volunteer to serve as coaches with College Possible, they make a year-long commitment to support the dream of graduation for students from low-income backgrounds. Each year, about 30 percent of our AmeriCorps members dedicate themselves to a second term of service. Jonathan Acosta is one those AmeriCorps alumni that served as a two-term campus-based college coach. A neuroscience and biology major from the University of Nebraska Omaha, Jonathan first learned of the coaching opportunity when he received…
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  • Learn. Do. Succeed.

    Q&A with Nebraska Wesleyan University Nebraska Wesleyan University is committed to graduating students with more than academic credentials: their commitment to experiential learning means that 100 percent of NWU graduates do internships, conduct research, study away from campus or conduct service learning. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the 120-year-old university is a College Possible bridge partner with a mission to ensure “its students develop a sense of individual worth and become useful and serving members of the human community.” What do…
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  • Making Students a Priority

    A Q&A with West Chester University College Possible Philadelphia has been privileged to deepen a partnership with West Chester University since 2015. In that time, dozens of College Possible students have been able to visit West Chester University’s campus and many have selected West Chester University (WCU) as the place to pursue their four-year degree. As a College Possible Philadelphia Explore-level partner in the organization’s Connects program, WCU continues to be an institution that promotes academic excellence while providing inclusive…
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